11 March 2024

SRA investigates SSB Law collapse

The aftermath of the collapse of SSB Law has left many clients facing substantial legal bills, prompting investigations by the...

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7 March 2024

NHS trusts acknowledge accidental limb amputations

In the span of the last three years, a hospital has admitted to the mistaken removal of limbs from six...

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14 December 2023

Data, the ‘golden chalice’ for law firms’ future

Andrew Lindsay, general manager at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions.   “Data is king,” asserts Andrew Lindsay, LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions general manager....

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1 December 2023

Switalskis expert raises concerns over Operation Stovewood transition

Amy Clowrey, director and solicitor within the child abuse department in Wakefield-based Switalskis, has commented on the recently announced transition...

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29 November 2023

IDR Law debuts charity claim checker for legacy gifts

IDR Law has recently launched IDR Claim Checker for charities. The online tool aims to assist legacy officers and junior...

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28 November 2023

Yorkshire solicitor among first to qualify through SQE exam

A Yorkshire solicitor has become one of the first in the country to qualify through the SQE exam. In 2021,...

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10 November 2023

Intellectual property expert weighs in on the Beatles’ use of AI in new release

On 2 November 2023, The Beatles released what has been deemed their final record with the use of AI. John...

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27 October 2023

A recent survey shows that the British public is cautious about using AI in the legal field

A recent survey from digital magazine Readly has gathered statistics on the use of AI in a multitude of sectors. The...

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