By: 31 October 2023
Yorkshire Legal News highlighted as partner of LegalTech in Leeds annual report

The LegalTech in Leeds annual report 2023 has highlighted Yorkshire Legal News as a partner and integral part of the sector support system for the Leeds legal sector.

This report, from Whitecap Consulting, addresses the use of technology to support the legal community in Leeds. Whitecap estimates LegalTech contributes £374m to the economy in the Leeds region each year. However, only 14 dedicated LegalTech firms have been identified in the area. 

Whitecap has been publishing the LegalTech in Leeds annual report since 2020. They have been monitoring Leeds’ LegalTech progress since, identifying key points that the sector has been working on. For example, the report states that Leeds has been attempting to strengthen its links with London. The report identifies that there is tangible progress being made in this area through links with organisations such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).  

Furthermore, the report goes on to highlight the achievements of law firms, universities and other organisations in the region who have made a significant impact on the LegalTech sphere and are committing themselves to progress.  

Luke Corcoran, vice president of Leeds Law Society and senior lawyer at Government Legal Department states; “An understanding of how technology can assist lawyers in every area has never been more important. From the more routine like video conferencing with clients to the more advanced like AI, lawyers need to continue to develop their skills to take best advantage of these developments. Clients are increasingly expecting their lawyers to understand and embrace technology too.” 


Image: Canva
Emma Cockings
Emma is the content editor for Yorkshire Legal News. Emma is an experienced writer with a background in client-centric personal injury law for a major firm. She has attended and reported on numerous high-profile legal events in Yorkshire.