Thrive Law positive following trial four-day working week

Leeds-based employment and HR firm Thrive Law has successfully trialled a four-day working week and is looking to bring this in as a permanent option for employees in 2020.

Following the trial, Thrive Law is advising employers considering a four-day week to ask staff what they think they would like to do, consider disabilities and whether the longer days would suit these, whether reasonable adjustments are needed, and stick to one day a week off for each employee rather than rotating.

Jodie Hill, managing director of Thrive Law, described the firm’s four-day working week trial as “a positive move for us”.

She said: “From an employer’s perspective, the additional administration relating to holidays, hours and pay was a little confusing, but something we quickly overcame. As with any now innovative ways of working, there are teething problems and learning curves but overall it was a positive experience for us.”

Commenting on the lessons learned, Hill said: “Varying the days off was a challenge, as I wasn’t always sure who was in the office on a particular day. The winter months will mean travelling in the dark for more vulnerable or disabled employees, so firms adopting a flexible working week should consider what measures they need to put in place to facilitate this.”

“In short, I would consider having this on a permanent basis in the future and would like to run it over summer each year for those who want to take part. With forward planning and clear policies there are significant benefits to employee mental health, morale, wellbeing and productivity.”

Alicia Collinson, a solicitor at Thrive Law, commented: “With plenty of work to undertake, it was nice to be rewarded with the extra hours once it was complete.”

Khaleeqa Bostan, a digital marketer at the firm, added: “I enjoyed it because of the time of year at which we trialled the project, partly because my family were on holiday and I had plenty of work to do. It was also light outside when I left and came home.”