By: 20 September 2019
Psychotherapy and Counselling Union retains Truth Legal

The Psychotherapy and Counselling Union (PCU) has retained Truth Legal in Harrogate.

Under the link-up, Truth Legal will offer legal assistance to the PCU and its elected representatives at cost price.

The PCU has expanded to more than 500 members since forming in 2016 and gaining formal recognition as a trade union in October 2018. Members will benefit from preferential ‘no win, no fee’ agreements in personal injury, clinical negligence and professional negligence claims, as well as in employment law cases.

Truth Legal is also extending its legal support services to families of PCU members at favourable rates.

The partnership marks another step forward in Truth Legal’s growing specialism working with trade unions.

“Our law firm is founded on ethical and honest values and we applaud the union for standing up for its members, drawn from all corners of the profession, at a time of immense challenges for it,” said Truth Legal founder Andrew Gray.

“Our team of lawyers is united in the belief that that no-one should be discriminated against, and that access to justice should be readily available—and we will work alongside the PCU to ensure this happens.”

Gray (pictured) continued: “The PCU in instrumental in championing the role of therapists and the protecting future of therapy. It’s a profession which demands a high level of skills and whose work is valued and held in the highest regard by our communities.”

“I’ve heard stories first-hand about trainee counsellors and psychotherapists not being paid for the work that they do to qualify—in breach of minimum wage requirements.”

“Another scenario which is equally unacceptable is how qualified counsellors working with clients with complex health needs, such as those in prison, are being replaced by unqualified, unpaid counsellors.”

“We will use our legal expertise to support the PCU in its determination to overturn the systems which allow such behaviours to exist.”