Park Square takes over Roundhay Park Parkrun

Park Square Barristers took over the running of the regular Roundhay Park Parkrun this past weekend.

More than 30 barristers from Park Square attended Parkrun on 23 March to support the 436 runners on their 5K loop of Roundhay Park.

They provided the marshalls, timekeepers, pacers and an enthusiastic bunch of runners and supporters, as well as an array of home-baked cakes to reward those who regularly turn out for the free, fully inclusive, timed running event that takes place each Saturday at 9am.

Park Square is the first non-running club to be allowed to take over the responsibilities, which formed part of its wellbeing programme to promote positivity and support among its barristers.

The barristers chambers said in a statement that it “recognised the need to support its barristers and staff with events such as this as part of a wider wellbeing initiative”.

“This comes following some recent tragic events that have highlighted the pressures barristers often work under, working alone and independently. It can be a high pressured stressful job that could, if not recognised, leave individuals isolated.”

Park Square strives to ensure that its barristers work in collaboration and offers a network of support. “The Parkrun is just one example of a number of initiatives in place to promote wellbeing. Look out for [its] barristers in many places other than the courtroom, as their success in the legal field moves out to other interesting places around Leeds.”