Hudgell and Frenkel Topping to offer ‘life after settlement’ independent financial advice

Hudgell and Frenkel Topping to offer ‘life after settlement’ independent financial advice

Hudgell Solicitors has joined forces with Frenkel Topping to offer independent financial advice to recipients of significant monetary settlements.

Frenkel Topping, a specialist financial advisory firm to recipients of clinical negligence and personal injury awards, will provide a free, no obligation ‘life after settlement’ consultation through the newly created Hudgells Financial Management Services arm.

As a part of the consultation, clients with awards of £50,000 or more will receive help with financial planning, budgeting and cash flow modelling.

The possible impact on any future benefits payments for clients as a result of their damages award will also be reviewed, and the option of establishing a personal injury trust, which can protect such entitlements, can be discussed and considered.

Advice will also be provided on the management of trusts on behalf of children and those without mental capacity to manage their finances.

Amanda Stevens, chief executive of Hudgell Solicitors, which has offices in Leeds, Hull, Manchester and London, is delighted to be working closely with Frenkel Topping and providing a service that will help ensure money secured for clients does exactly as it is intended, supporting them for their loss, especially in cases of long-term, life-changing injury.

She said: “Our work is all about ensuring we secure appropriate compensation settlements which provide our clients, many of whom have lifelong and life-changing injuries, with the funds needed to support them, and their families, long term.”

Mark Holt, managing director of Frenkel Topping, added: “We are excited to be supporting Hudgell Solicitors in offering what is a key service to its clients.”

“We regard ourselves as ‘financial social workers’ as we are there to support people through what is a huge change in their financial position, at a difficult time in their lives.”

“It is important that clients of Hudgell Solicitors are given the best possible support not only after injury and throughout their legal case as damages awards are considered, calculated and agreed, but crucially after that payment is made.”

Pictured: Mark Holt, Amanda Stevens and Richard Fraser, chief executive officer of Frenkel Topping Group

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