How to stage a memorable dining event

As we rapidly approach the festive season, your thoughts may grudgingly be turning to how to stage a successful event for clients. It’s all about creative ideas, says Daniel Gill, managing director of Dine

As the business world experiences an upswing in confidence, companies are once again turning to corporate entertainment as an effective way to, reinforce important business relationships. And this is never more important than at this time of year.

But making your event memorable for the right reasons is more than just luck – it takes forethought and attention to detail, creativity and experience.

Here are my top tips on how to achieve your business objectives through good food and corporate events.

Establish your objectives

Be clear about what you want to achieve from your event and provide a clear brief. Are you seeking to build connections, attract new clients or say thank you to existing ones? Ask yourself what you want the event to achieve and then consider how the venue and your caterer could help or hinder these ambitions. The answer to these questions will guide the entire process and style of your event

Be adventurous

Don’t just stick with the tried and tested – give your guests a unique and different experience to make your event stand out from a host of similar looking invitations. Choose a different location and satisfy your guests’ appetite through innovative ideas and themes – whether you’re organising a stylish corporate dinner or a themed event on a grand scale.

We’ve been asked to organise everything from a night in Venice to opera singers to fairgrounds – but the consistent key ingredient to any successful event, whatever its size and complexity, is exceptional food and service to ensure the event has the right impact and delivers its objectives.

Your organisation

What matters to your business? The green agenda? Healthy food options? Share this information with your venue and caterer so they can suggest creative solutions to achieve the greatest impact and ROI. It will help them work with you to create an event experience that is authentic and on brand. For instance, if your company promotes health, offer a high energy buffet enabling lunches to be tailored in line with company values.

Plan to succeed

By creating a detailed plan, you are setting your event up for success. The finer details (timings, invitations, table plans, sound, feedback on other events) can make the difference between a good event and an exceptional one, so be sure to detail every aspect of your event.

Leave a lasting impression

Bad service and bland food reflects badly on your company and can easily deter prospective clients from signing that lucrative contract. Invest time in your food, including bespoke menus, to set you apart from your competition and achieve the event’s objectives.

Consider partnering with a celebrity chef or matching the menu to the venue or your products. One cosmetics company client, matched food and drink ingredients with its products. A true dining experience can bolster your firm’s reputation and set it apart from competitors with tangible returns for your business.

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