By: 26 September 2016
IT considerations to keep the legal sector in order, from Blue Logic

Blue Logic, a leading Managed Service Provider based in Leeds and one of the proud sponsors of this year’s Yorkshire Legal Awards, has produced a free report looking at the substantial technology-driven changes facing the legal sector.

The legal sector is increasingly run as a business opposed to a profession. Combine this with increased pressures from clients to deliver value, has meant that law firms are having to work harder than ever to deliver value to clients.

Technology is facilitating change and is being leveraged by firms to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Technology is being used to streamline processes such as case management, increase collaboration with clients, transform business models, outsource non-core activities and reduce real estate costs through document reduction and migration to the Cloud.

Blue Logic reports that the adoption of technology in the Legal sector will continue to grow and evolve; and critically law firms need to adapt to the challenges. Implementing an IT strategy to align their technological goals with a set time frame is the foundation of this. Factoring in data security, user mobility and necessary backup will enable firms to cater to regulatory requirements and customer needs, now and into the future.

Blue Logic’s report – IT considerations for the Legal Sector – discusses the key trends that are emerging in the Legal Sector and highlights the resulting considerations for Legal firms. Following on from this the strategic role of IT in the evolution of law firms will be explored. Security in an age of data intensiveness, Cloud computing and mobility will also be examined in greater detail throughout the report.

To download your free copy of the report and see how technology driven changes could affect your legal practice visit Blue Logic’s website.