Bailoran Solicitors raise over £11,000 for Leeds Baby Bank

Bailoran Solicitors and a group of dedicated supporters have taken on the Rob Burrows Leeds Half Marathon, successfully raising over £11,000 for the Leeds Baby Bank. The local charity provides essential baby items to families experiencing poverty, making a significant impact on the lives of many in need.

Ellie Brown, charity manager at Leeds Baby Bank, expressed her deep gratitude for the generous donation.

“Huge congratulations to Bailoran! I don’t even know how they ran that far in that heat! Their fundraising is phenomenal and the support helps local families in need – because of that support we can buy items that children desperately need such as buggies and beds for babies,” she stated.

The fundraising effort showcased not only the physical and mental resilience of the participants but also the strong community spirit surrounding the event. John Bailes, managing director of Bailoran Solicitors, reflected on the collective effort and support that made the marathon a success.

“I’m simply amazed at the generosity of our friends, clients and contacts. Another difficult challenge was overcome by Bailoran to raise money for the Leeds Baby Bank, and the whole team benefitted from the physical and mental training for the event. A big thanks to everyone involved in the run and those who provided sweets, drinks, high fives and super soakers, not to mention the cheers of support from the crowd and other runners,” he remarked.

The funds raised by Bailoran Solicitors will significantly enhance Leeds Baby Bank’s capacity to support local families, ensuring that more children have access to the essentials they need.


Image: Provided by Bailoran Solicitors.
Emma Cockings
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