By: 20 October 2015
A surge in requirement for wills and probate solicitors

An eight-year legal battle hit the news recently involving a woman who after being rejected by her mother in her will, was awarded a £164k inheritance. The landmark ruling and hefty sum involved, totalling a third of her mother’s estate, made sure that the case received a high level of attention.

Wills and probate cases of this type can have very long processes and can often take years to resolve. These can range from small disputes up to claims worth millions. Many cases though are much simpler, involving the drafting of a will, or applying the intestacy rules if no will was created.

With the economy getting back on track since the recession, we have seen movement in the conveyancing market, resulting in a boom of property purchases. The acquirement of these assets has made it necessary for more people than ever to create a will to ensure that their assets are left to a specific person or people.

This in turn has created more jobs in the legal industry as it has resulted in the need for more wills and probate solicitors at different levels, not only to handle drafting wills but also to provide advice and guidance on the intestacy rules, as well as deal with more complex contentious matter where a will is disputed.

This initial surge in requirement first appeared in the London market, however this has rippled throughout the UK particularly in the North West, Yorkshire and Midlands areas where finding experienced candidates has proved challenging. This trend is slowly reaching other areas of the UK and is set to continue.

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