Williamsons’ experts prove worth with top medical panels approvals

Williamsons Solicitors is now doubly represented on the country’s two leading medical litigation panels.

The latest specialist Williamsons’ lawyer to gain recognition is Simon Ramshaw, who has been approved by AvMA, a charity that has been campaigning for patient safety and justice since the early 1980s.

Williamsons already had the longest standing local lawyer approved by AvMA, in Tim Slow.

In addition, Ramshaw and his colleague, Nick Gray, both sit on the Law Society’s Clinical Negligence Panel.

“These accreditations show that Williamsons is at the forefront of medical negligence law,” said Ramshaw, who joined the firm last October.

“They are not gained easily, in fact it can take several years for you to get into a position from which you can then apply.

“You have to have a strong track record, experience in high value cases and the quality of your work is rigorously assessed.

“For our clients, these multiple accreditations are confirmation that we can handle their cases sensitively and with unrivalled expertise as we seek the best outcomes for them. My aspirations are to help people and be part of a team that continues to develop the expertise the firm can offer.”

Gray, who gained Law Society acceptance in 2010 after proving his success in handling a wide variety of complex cases, said that Williamsons mainly took on referrals from other solicitors, healthcare organisations and charities.

“The majority are in our region, but we do act for clients all over the country.

“We assist people through a very tight-knit specialist team of four highly experienced solicitors and a paralegal, which is different to other practices where you may find just one specialist and their support team,” he said.

Pictured: (L-R): Tim Slow, Simon Ramshaw and Nick Gray