Walker Morris partners with Calls9 and Armstrong Watson on Covid-19 platform

Walker Morris partners with Calls9 and Armstrong Watson on Covid-19 platform

Leeds law firm Walker Morris has teamed up with digital and financial specialists to launch a platform offering free expert advice to businesses on how to survive and thrive during the Covid-19 crisis.

The website, called ‘TheNextNormal’, pulls together expert advice from digital agency Calls9, accountancy firm Armstrong Watson and Walker Morris.

The information covers key business critical areas, such as finance, people, premises and infrastructure, products and services, customers and suppliers and staying compliant, all in a Q&A format to enable businesses to readily access the answers they need quickly.

Adam Roney, founder and chief executive officer of Calls9 commented: “We recognised that the immediate crisis created a need to bring a range of business critical information together in an easily digestible format.”

“At a time when decision makers’ email inboxes are overflowing, they don’t have time to research several different firms’ websites to find the information they need. By pulling the material together and keeping it regularly updated, businesses can quickly access the information they need from one place.”

He continued: “As we look forward to the time when some of the current restrictions are lifted, we will be providing advice on what ‘the next normal’ looks like in terms of economic, social and cultural changes and what that means for the business community. What are the changes in the way we work, the economic environment we’re operating in, our supply chains, the technology we use and how all that impacts the business decisions we make?”

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