Truth Legal focuses on creating a greener future

Truth Legal focuses on creating a greener future

Truth Legal has sponsored a woodland in North Yorkshire to fulfil its commitment to becoming carbon neutral in the next five years.

The Harrogate firm of solicitors is collaborating with Make it Wild, a family-run conservation business, as part of its commitment to preserving the planet for future generations. 

As part of this work, Truth Legal is sponsoring the planting of 1,500 trees at Make it Wild‘s largest nature reserve, Bank Woods. 

The reserve comprises 110 acres of woodland, combining ancient trees and new species. It also has scrub and meadows, making the reserve a haven for a variety of wildlife in the area near Pateley Bridge in North Yorkshire.

The number of trees that Truth Legal is sponsoring is not random; it is planting one tree for each of the 1,500 clients that the law firm has represented since its foundation in April 2012. 

Over these eight years, Truth Legal has provided legal advice and support to a wide range of individuals across the Harrogate area.

The local firm offers its services across a wide range of practice areas, including personal injury law, clinical negligence, immigration and employment law, as well as wills and probate. 

By sponsoring the planting of 1,500 trees at Bank Woods (pictured), Truth Legal is supporting Harrogate’s local environmental commitments and offsetting its carbon footprint. The move shows that the firm is committed to using its profits to benefit the local community and the world as a whole. 

As the average hardwood tree, once matured, can absorb as much as 48 pounds of C02 per year, Truth Legal’s contribution could potentially offset as much as 72,000 pounds of carbon dioxide every year, which is more than its Harrogate office is likely to produce in that time. 

The benefits that these trees will bring will help Truth Legal to achieve its environmental goals. 

The law firm, together with other local businesses, is part of Zero Carbon Harrogate. This collection of business owners in Harrogate aims to help the area reach net carbon emissions of zero by 2030. To achieve this ambitious target, Truth Legal and others are working to offset their carbon emissions and educate other companies on how they can do the same. 

Sponsoring the woodland is an action that everyone at Truth Legal sees as a significant step, but it’s not the only way that the firm is working to help the environment.

In a recent blog post regarding the sponsorship of the woodland, the team stated: “Our move to plant trees and sponsor the Truth Legal Woodland at Bank Woods is a firm and progressive commitment to give something back to the environment, to use our resources in ethical, and impactful way and to play our part in making Harrogate a carbon-neutral area.”

“We are also proud to become a small shareholder in Long Lands Common, another fantastic local initiative of community-owned woodland in Harrogate and Knaresborough.”

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