By: 16 November 2016
NovaMedicoLegal brings personal approach to expert witness work

Expert witness psychiatrists with NovaMedicoLegal have seen an increase in demand for their telephone consultation service. Working with legal practices throughout the UK, the company offers to match individual case requirements with a psychiatrist who specialises in that area of law. Cases include family law, employment matters, forensic law and immigration cases.

Director of NovaMedicoLegal, Dr Shaharyar Alikhan, believes this personal approach is the key to their success. “Some cases are complex and it’s our job as the experts to back up the legal team. We are seeing an increase in enquiries about cases that are more involved, where the psychiatric reporting needs careful consideration.”

NovaMedicoLegal works with clients to appoint the right expert at the outset, assisting in making the case relatively straightforward for the solicitor. They are happy to provide phone consultations to clarify requirements and to ensure that the match with the expert works effectively to bring about a favourable outcome.

In this initial call, speaking directly with an expert witness psychiatrist with years of experience helps identify the best way to use the psychiatric evidence. The correct appointment at this stage then enables the legal team to pursue the case in the most effective way. As Dr Alikhan observes, “Time spent on the initial stages of the case results in a strong report that then delivers significant weight in court.”