Legatus Law founder launches debut book in London

Legatus Law founder Rashmi Dubé has launched her debut book in London.

The owner of the Yorkshire-based firm has seen her book, Making a Splash: A guide to networking, unveiled at a launch party in Covent Garden’s Waterstones.

Dubé has spent nearly 20 years working as a lawyer, and 7 years running her own businesses, supporting SMEs in protecting their assets in a difficult market.

The book caters for all networking abilities whether readers are dipping toes into networking for the first time or looking to improve existing skills, and includes content on personal appearance and messaging. It also includes a chapter on how Dubé overcomes her “default state” of being “a shy girl” to enable her to address a room with confidence.

“Launching this book is surreal for me,” said Dubé.

“It’s taken a few years to write, in amongst launching and growing a business and despite my persona in business, I am actually a really shy person, so putting myself out there in this way is a bit scary.

“There were times I thought it would never get finished, but the feedback I’ve had so far has made it all worthwhile. One of the factors that pushed me to finish it was I was commissioned to speak to a group of business people, flown over from Ireland for a Networking Masterclass – they wanted the content – so I had to deliver.

“Sharing my experiences and tips is empowering as I know others will benefit from this and I’ve had some lovely testimonials already of people who have now taken a fresh look at networking and started to reap the rewards.”

She added that it was no secret that she was a serial networker and that she enjoyed the process of meeting new people.

“I am a positive person and I love to help others and I also believe in seeing opportunities in every meeting. I truly believe that if more SMEs re-calibrated how they viewed networking, moving away from the traditional thrusting of business cards at organised events, to more relationship focused networking, they’d be generating more new business,” she added.

To find out more about the book visit www.legatuspress.com.