By: 10 October 2018
Legal Eye webinar outlines how transparency guidance applies to you

Risk and compliance adviser Legal Eye has produced a 15-minute free webinar offering practical guidance on how new price and service transparency guidance applies to your firm.

With much being written about the guidance issued by both the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) in recent weeks, the webinar focuses on exactly what the requirements are and, crucially, how you might implement change to meet the requirements based on the size and nature of your firm.

These changes come into effect in December this year—leaving you with under two months to review and revise your website and make other compulsory changes.

The SRA and CLC have provided information as to what is mandatory and must be shown on firms’ websites. However, there will inevitably be grey areas as firms attempt to interpret the guidance and work out what they practically must do in order to comply.

Firms will also want to ensure that they use this as an opportunity to present themselves in the best possible light, to drive enquiries, to convert more quality leads, and, importantly, to present information to clients in ways that help them to choose a legal adviser on the basis of the value being offered—including the service levels delivered—rather than just buying on price.

Click here to access the webinar, which will be delivered straight to your inbox for you to watch at your convenience.

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