Leeds falls behind Manchester and Birmingham in race to be UK’s leading regional legal centre

Leeds has fallen behind Manchester and Birmingham as the UK’s leading regional legal centre, according to research released by specialist legal social networking site, Mootis.

However, the city is firmly established as part of the regional big four, along with Edinburgh.

Mootis analysed the office locations of the UK’s top 100 law firms, ranked by fee income, and, unsurprisingly, found that London dominates the UK legal services sector. The capital is host to 84 of the top 100 firms.

28 of the UK’s top 100 firms have an office in Manchester, 22 are based in Birmingham, and 20 in Leeds. Edinburgh has 19 of the top 100 firms.

Commenting on the findings, Bob Bion from Mootis said: “This research shows that away from London, a big four has emerged in terms of the UK’s major legal cities – and Leeds is very much part of this elite group.”