By: 20 June 2024
Humber Business Week empowers legal leaders

Business leaders went back to the classroom during Humber Business Week to explore how modern learning techniques are helping employers build skills to make organisations better rather than merely meeting regulations.


Embracing excellence

Sarah Young joined Ralph Gilbert and Caroline Hardcastle at the Rollits’ ‘Embracing Excellence’ event and took delegates at the session through a series of interactive activities. This included an English comprehension test based on an actual historic Year 6 Reading SATS paper to demonstrate how important it is to recognise experiential learning in measuring success and ongoing development.

With many in the audience still scratching their heads Sarah, who runs education consultancy Young+ Limited, followed up with a test of eye for detail, information retention, and communication with colleagues.

She invited delegates to think about their cognitive load – how much they can commit to long-term memory and how they identify what to retain.

She said: “The science of learning is very complex. What we know about learning is that it’s based on an individual’s schema which is an interconnected web of information, or “sticky knowledge”. Every time you learn something new you put it in your brain and every time you need it you bring it forward. When we learn new things, we learn them by connecting those new things to things we already know.”


Applying new learning to the legal space

Caroline Hardcastle, head of the education team at Rollits, countered the excuses often put forward by employers and their staff around cost, time commitment, disruption to schedules and the view that they already know all they need to know.

She said: “If we make time and invest in our continuous development and learning it will bring benefits in terms of time and money not only to ourselves but also to the business. Someone saying they don’t need more training is probably the most frightening excuse people come up with.”

Emma Waudby, operations director of Cobus, attended the event as part of her company’s commitment to empowering its workforce through development and learning.

She said: “The work environment has changed significantly over the past few years and we must equip employees with opportunities for ongoing skill development if we want to breed an engaged, and successful workforce.

“Now I understand more about the science of how we learn and our cognitive space I will re-assess our team’s professional development requirements with this in mind. It was a thoroughly enjoyable session, one which I felt will be very beneficial in the workplace.”

Ralph Gilbert, managing partner of Rollits, said ‘Embracing Excellence’ was inspired by the firm’s annual staff conference and the recognition that “continuing competence” is about much more than ticking a regulatory box.

He said: “Continuous development and lifelong learning are things we should all grasp with enthusiasm for our own benefit and for the benefit of the teams and organisations we are part of.”


Image: Provided by Ascough PR.
Emma Cockings
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