By: 13 May 2024
Gary Lumby appointed CEO of Roche Legal

Gary Lumby MBE, the former UK director of small business banking at Yorkshire and Clydesdale Banks, has been appointed chief executive officer at Roche Legal, a Yorkshire-based private client law firm.

Lumby, a former president of the Leeds Chamber of Commerce, is a business mentor and growth expert, who believes he can help York-based owner Rachel Roche build on the impact she has already made, particularly with her cross-border probate work, most notably in the USA.


Lumby’s vision for Roche Legal

Lumby, who will continue to work as a portfolio non-executive director with his many other clients across the UK, said: “I am genuinely excited about working with Rachel and her team and accelerating the growth they have already seen to become the very best private client law firm in the UK.

“Rachel has worked incredibly hard to build her brand and it has paid dividends. It is very impressive that she was asked to co-author a book on how to start a law firm by the Law Society.

“I am only interested in businesses with a growth mindset who are willing to take risks and invest. The internationalisation of the business for a Yorkshire law firm is quite unusual in private client law. Rachel has gone out of her way to have links in the USA and that does open opportunities for Roche Legal with international work.

“It means Roche Legal can work with other UK law firms who do not possess the same expertise. With Rachel specialising in private client law, this gives Roche Legal a point of difference.

“Law firms are often technically agnostic, having to be pulled kicking and screaming into using new systems but Rachel and her team have embraced real change and clearly understand the importance of utilising technology to maximise opportunities.”


Rachel Roche’s internationalisation aims

For 12 years Lumby was a growth expert on the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Programme where last year he mentored Rachel at the Oxford Saïd Business School. “You don’t get onto the Goldman Sachs scheme without having something about you and then it is about executing your business plan:” he added.

“The difference with Rachel is that internationalisation, her appetite for technology and the personal brand she has developed. I saw that Roche Legal had really good potential.

“There is an opportunity for expansion with this international expertise to enable Roche Legal to become the No1 choice outside London.”

Rachel Roche, who is co-chair of the London chapter of the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA), is delighted to be able to tap into Lumby’s vast business experience. She said: “Gary is an acknowledged growth expert and brings a wealth of business experience to his key role with Roche Legal and we are all thrilled to be working with him.”


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Emma Cockings
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