Florit Brooke publishes new survival guide for newly qualified solicitors

Florit Brooke, the legal recruitment agency, has published an updated guide for newly qualified solicitors who are looking to get on in their careers.

The NQ Solicitors Survival Guide 2016 is available free of charge in e-book form and can be requested from Florit Brooke’s website.

The guide was first published after the company received feedback from the trainees who qualified in the spring and summer of 2015. It explains everything a trainee solicitor needs to know about the legal recruitment market and covers subjects such as: how to choose a legal recruitment company to work with; how to spot and avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes in application process; and how to pursue an alternative career.

Anthony Brooke, partner and co-founder of Florit Brooke said that trainee solicitors are often unaware of how recruitment companies work.

“In recent years, we’ve frequently come across people who’d already had a bad experience before they spoke to us, through no fault of their own, and in most cases this was simply down to an understandable lack of knowledge and experience on how the recruitment market works,” he said.

“So, in producing the NQ Solicitors Survival Guide, we wanted to demystify the recruitment market and help trainees avoid the potholes so that everyone knows what to expect from the outset. Whether you’re changing firms or being retained, this e-book covers everything you need to get started in choosing your ideal NQ job.”

Brooke’s fellow co-founder Miguel Florit, added: “Attending a seminar or workshop can be a good introduction to a single recruiter, and we’ve had lots of interest in such events in the past ourselves. However, in recent times, we’ve noticed how many more questions are asked after the presentation than during it.

“We produced the NQ Solicitors Survival Guide for those people who appreciate confidentiality – they want the information delivered privately, with the opportunity to follow up in their own time.”