Expert speakers announced for ‘Menopause Matters’ event at Bowcliffe Hall

Hartlaw LLP, in collaboration with the Harrogate & District Law Society, is hosting an event titled “Menopause Matters: What You Need to Know, In and Outside the Workplace.”

The event is scheduled for Friday 17 November 2023 at Bowcliffe Hall.

The menopause journey impacts everyone, either directly or indirectly. This event is tailored to shed light on the implications, challenges, and nuances surrounding menopause, both within professional settings and in personal lives. The event promises to equip attendees with the knowdedge and insights to better understand this phase of life.   

Attendance not only enriches your understanding but also supports worthy causes. All proceeds from the event will be channeled to the Daisy Network, a charity dedicated to premature ovarian insufficiency, and the Harrogate & District Law Society. 




Sally Leech 

Sally is the training director of Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace. Henpicked have been working with UK-wide and international organisations for over 7 years. 

 Sally will be providing an overview of menopause in the workplace and the key things we need know.  


Dr Laura Reid  

Dr Reid graduated from the University of Leeds in 2007 and went on to attain membership of the Royal College of General Practice in 2014. She is a GP and Menopause Specialist.  

At the end of Dr Reid’s presentation you will have a good understanding of what the menopause is, how it can affect you and what help is available should you need it. 


Vicky Richardson MSc PGDip PGCE BA 

Vicky empowers her clients to personally manage their health and live life to the fullest. Her MSc based solution offers calm, safe & supportive services, 1:1 nutrition therapy, retreats, immersive mindful eating experiences, and in person courses. 

Vicky’s session will cover the key nutrition and lifestyle takeaways all women need to be aware of at this time of hormonal change. 


Emma Tailby 

Emma is a specialist women’s health physiotherapist and the founder and owner of Emma Claire Physiotherapy in North Yorkshire. She has extensive knowledge and a passion for providing evidence based, bespoke pelvic health rehabilitation for women of all ages.  

Emma is speaking about pelvic health and more…. all the facts! 


Claire Morley-Jones 

Claire is the managing director of HR180, her own HR Outsourcing & Consultancy Company based in Wetherby. She is also the Global HR Director for Wonder, a market leader in party products across four continents with over 2500 employees. 

Claire will be talking about menopause from an HR perspective, discussing practical advice on what employers and managers can do. 

Emma Cockings
Emma is the content editor for Yorkshire Legal News. Emma is an experienced writer with a background in client-centric personal injury law for a major firm. She has attended and reported on numerous high-profile legal events in Yorkshire.