DLA Piper advises the Snowdrop Project on acquisition of new Sheffield headquarters

DLA Piper advises the Snowdrop Project on acquisition of new Sheffield headquarters

DLA Piper has given pro bono advice to human trafficking survivor charity the Snowdrop Project on the acquisition of its new headquarters at 7 Castle Street in Sheffield.

The Snowdrop Project supports survivors of human trafficking by providing long-term, holistic support through advocacy, counselling, community activities, house renovation services and pathways in to education and employment, empowering them to live safe and independent lives.

It is a small but growing charity that has gone from supporting 10 people in 2015 to 167 adults and 79 children in the last year.

Snowdrop has operated from a series of temporary office spaces until now. Having this new permanent home will make a huge difference to the charity and will allow it to continue to expand the number of people it helps and the ways in which it helps them.

Lara Bundock, chief executive officer of Snowdrop, said: “A few years ago we dreamed of a building that would provide a sense of home for survivors of trafficking in the city, a place that can be relied upon to be a consistent and stable beacon of safety, security and hope.”

“I am overwhelmingly excited to see the beginning of that dream realized and it would not have been possible without the incredible expertise and dedication of the DLA Piper team. We are so grateful for all that the team has done and it’s been a pleasure working alongside them”

DLA Piper partner Jon Kenworthy, who is also a trustee of Snowdrop, said: “Snowdrop does wonderful work and I am delighted that DLA Piper was able to make a small contribution to help it on the next leg of its journey.”

Sheffield real estate location head Nigel Howard led the DLA Piper team, which was supported by Sheffield-based real estate associate Amy Adams.

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