Consilia Legal launches online mediation solution

Consilia Legal launches online mediation solution

Yorkshire-based Consilia Legal is offering access to remote mediation services spanning family, workplace and civil disputes.

Through the service, Consilia Legal’s specialists and mediators will facilitate mediations through video calls via smartphone and tablet apps as well as traditional computer-based systems, with options to use platforms including Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

The service has been designed to ensure that the mediation process remains both safe and confidential, with Consilia Legal assessing the suitability of the case before proceeding and outlining rules against the presence of others and recording mediation from the outset.

The solution also offers methods to improve on traditional safeguarding issues, which avoids the need to stagger start and finish times, arrange separate waiting areas or conduct mediation on a shuttle basis. Boosting security, the digital format enables any documentation to be exchanged and stored electronically, and calculations to be shared on screen.

A mediator on the digital service will be able to minimise the potential for adversarial meetings or power imbalances, through online breakout rooms and the ability to mute participants to ensure all parties are being listened to and have the space to speak.

“While recent months have been difficult for many, we’re proud that we have been able to make a timely move and expand our offer, enabling us to continue providing expert mediation services to those who need it,” said Sarah Manning (pictured, left), senior associate solicitor and Mediator at Consilia Legal. 

Manning continued: “From accessibility to empowerment, online mediation has many further benefits beyond being Covid-secure, and we look forward to helping lead the way with an efficient, effective solution for many families in the long term.”

Laura Clapton (pictured, right), director, family solicitor and mediator at Consilia Legal, said: “Covid-19 has had a significant impact across many lives and sectors, so we’re proud to have developed our new virtual mediation offer in a forward-thinking step for the legal sector.”

“This type of solution is typical of our way of working—we want to be at the forefront of what is possible in our field, and we’ve already seen significant interest from our referral partners in the legal sector, as well as businesses and individuals. The fact that we have dedicated experts in each field of practice, allows us to tailor a digital solution to individual needs.”

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