By: 24 March 2017
Shulmans shares gig economy expertise at International Congress of Tax Advisors in Moscow

Jim Wright, an employment law partner at Shulmans, has represented the UK at the International Congress of Tax Advisors in Moscow.

The Leeds-based lawyer has been speaking on the implications of gig economies in an international market place. The event has brought together 50 representatives of the Russian State Duma, Federal Russian Tax service and professional advisers from Russia and around the world.

The event was hosted by Russian law firm Freytak & Sons, in partnership with Interlegal, the international network of law firms, of which Shulmans is one of the founding members. The organisation provides clients with expert local knowledge to help with global and cross border transactions.

Wright said: “Russia’s regulatory regime is fast moving and Moscow is growing into another regional hub for professional services. With the emergence of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) as economic heavyweights, this event presents a focus away from traditional centres of financial services such a New York, London and Paris.

“Although the Russian labour market is very heavily regulated compared to the UK, Uber and other gig platforms have evolved there. I will be sharing insight into the UK’s experiences, presenting the benefits and potential abuse of the gig economy models. It’s an opportunity to promote greater understanding internationally, sharing expertise across the network, which can only enhance our global offering.”