By: 10 November 2017
Shulmans hosts international delegation at the latest Interlegal gathering

Shulmans has hosted an international delegation of lawyers as part of the latest Interlegal Network gathering.

Leeds was the host city for the event, which saw more than 70 representatives from 39 countries arrive in Yorkshire. Interlegal is an association of independent SME firms from across the globe which meets up twice a year in different locations to foster close collaboration between firms. It also provides members’ clients with access to high quality legal advice from foreign firms with local knowledge to help them in their international and cross border transactions.

Shulmans treated delegates to a tour of the Yorkshire countryside as well as a visit to a brewery before giving them an insight into future business prospects in Leeds and beyond during a series of talks at Leeds Civic Hall.

The lawyers, who came from places all over the globe such as Russia, Canada, Japan and India, heard talks from Hilary Benn, MP for Leeds Central and chair of the Brexit Select Committee; Tom Riordan, chief executive of Leeds City Council; Roger Marsh, chair of Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership; and Andrew Cooper, chief executive of Leeds Business Improvement District.

Cooper told the gathering in Leeds Civic Hall that Leeds was estimated to grow by over 12% in the next decade, drive in part by a booming financial sector that had increased by 40% since 2011. He pointed out that Leeds had the largest business improvement district outside London and that it was striving to foster cross-pollination between several industries to help create jobs and attract investment.

Riordan told them about plans to regenerate the South Bank in line with similar projects carried out in Northern Europe and explained how Leeds was well placed to become a perfect example of a modern 21st century city allowed a modern tech savvy mobile workforce to live close to work and enjoy the best attractions that a city can offer them.

He also said that Leeds was the “natural alternative” to London which boasted affordable living and a high quality of life.

Jeremy Shulman, the founder of Shulmans and one of the co-founders of Interlegal, said that the event had been a great success.

“We’ve shown them the city centre at night, the countryside, and we’ve now shown them what Leeds is up to financially, economically and socially,” he said.

“When I started with Interlegal there were nine members, there’s about 46 members now and are spread all over the globe and I’m delighted. We’re still getting new members and at this meeting there were four new applications for membership.”

He said that representatives at the event were able to get to know each other and so build a level of trust that would allow them to work closely together in the future. In addition, the event further helped

“We’re in a unique position internationally, because we know that the larger firms have offices all over the world, but firms in the next tier below that don’t really do any international work. So it just increases our exposure and gives us more opportunity to do more work. So we’re very excited by it,” added Shulman.

João Paulo Menezes Falcão, the current President of Interlegal, said the he was impressed with what Leeds had to offer.

“I was here ten years ago and Leeds has changed a lot since then. There is a huge difference with the shopping centres and striking buildings. There is lots of commerce and activity and has an almost 24-hour feel to it. I was in London before I came here and the difference with Leeds is not so big now.

“The meeting has been a huge success, and has been one of the largest in regards attendance. the UK is always very good place to visit and find business opportunities to convey to clients back home so we are very happy.”

Pictured: (L-R) João Paulo Menezes Falcão and Jeremy Shulman