Digital lawyer Paul Berwin becomes virtual Estonian ahead of trade mission to Baltic state

Technology lawyer Paul Berwin has become an e-resident of Estonia as he prepares to spearhead Berwins Solicitors’ first trade mission to the Baltic state.

The initiative, which is backed by European Union and Department of International Trade funding, takes place in late May and will see the head of the organisation’s burgeoning digital division share insights on the implications of Brexit with business leaders and facilitate business between the UK and Estonia.

“Already worth €37.7 Billion, Estonia is one the fastest growing and most advanced digital economies in Europe,” said Berwin.

“It’s a society which is outward looking and keen to make the most of trade opportunities for technology businesses with the UK – something which could have far reaching implications not just for Berwins’ firm reputation as commercial law specialists but also for the Yorkshire region, particularly as the UK works its way towards a Brexit settlement.”

Berwin will be presenting at an important event in Tallin on 23 May discussing the impact of Brexit and the opportunities in the North of England. He will be joined by the UK Government Fintech Envoy to the Northern Powerhouse Dr Chris Sier.

Reflecting on the event, Sier said: “We’re seeing a real appetite among businesses and entrepreneurs across Estonia to trade with the UK and more particularly with our great northern cities.

“Initiatives such as this, which are set to delve into some of the issues surrounding Britain’s Brexit settlement and explore opportunities, are a valuable tool in delivering economic growth for our region.”

Centred around capital city Tallinn, Estonia –the “Silicon Valley of Europe” – prides itself on being the most digital society in the world, where internet access is considered a human right.

The nation launched its pioneering e-residency programme in April 2015, allowing holders to complete a range of tasks from opening a bank account to digitally signing documents and contracts.

The residency also allows Berwin to establish a company in Estonia, but the Yorkshire-based businessman has no plans to de-camp just yet.

“At this stage, we’re looking at a pop-up office which builds ties with a vibrant digital community. At its heart, Berwins remains a proud Yorkshire firm and, with so much energy and talent in the region, we have no plans to change that!”