How to enter

Entering the Yorkshire Legal Awards is easy and free. Follow these simple steps and you’ll produce a submission that our independent panel of judges will find clear, concise and memorable

Pick your categories: There are lots of categories to choose from. Read the criteria carefully for each and decide which will give you the best opportunity to demonstrate your strengths.

Choose the form of your submission: We accept written submissions of between 250 and 1,000 words per category. Written submissions are at their best after several drafts, with input from everyone involved. Remember that your entry needs to stand out from the crowd, so keep it active, free of jargon, and don’t forget to proof your words before entering. Alternatively, you can enter a video submission. You’ll have a maximum of three minutes to demonstrate why you, your team or business should win the particular category. Videos are easy to digest and revisit, and they allow the judges to put a face to an entry.

Submit via the online form: Submissions can only be accepted via the form. Fill out all of the required information, and make sure you choose the correct category from the list. The form must be filled out and submitted for every category. The form removes all formatting, so don’t worry about italics, bolding, underlining or hyperlinking, as these won’t make it through our system. Furthermore, no supporting documents and attachments are allowed, so don’t use the attach buttons for CVs, promo videos, PDFs and Word docs–these won’t make it through our system, either. Client testimonials must be collated by you and included within your written submission (and are included in the word count). Anything sent separately will not be accepted. For video entries, fill out the form as normal, mention that you’re submitting a video, and submit the video file via to

Attach your logo: If you make it to the shortlist, we’ll need a high resolution version of your logo for the ceremony, programme and associated marketing campaigns. We accept the .JPEG, .PNG and .PDF formats, but prefer .EPS wherever possible. If you don’t have this, don’t worry.

Attach entrant’s photo: This is for the talent awards. Colour photos are preferred, and high resolution .JPEG is best.

Sit back and wait for news: That’s it, you’re done! Approximately two weeks following the entry deadline, our judging panel will convene to make their final decisions. We’ll then get in touch with every finalist to give them the good news.