Martin House

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What we do at Martin House

“At Martin House we provide care and support, free of charge, to local children and young people with a life-limiting condition, and to their families.

We support local children and their families from our catchment area of the whole of West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire. The children and families we support are your neighbours, your work colleagues, your friends and families. We are central to the communities we serve.

We aim to provide a home from home environment and families can use any mix of a wide range of services, including planned respite care, symptom control, terminal care and bereavement support. We also offer care and support to families in their own home.

We remain true to our original philosophy that the families we care for, and their choices, must be placed first, and we try to listen to, respect and value each member of the family as individuals with their own needs.

In this, our 29h year, we will care for and support more than 500 local children and their families, at a total cost of some £5.5 million, most of which comes from voluntary donations from public and private sources.

If you would like to support us, or find out more about how we support children and families, please visit our website at or call the fundraising team on 01937 844569”

Why do people value the support of Martin House?

To quote one young mum we interviewed recently “When I’m at home, on a good night I’m up to my little girl 6 or 7 times a night. On a bad night I get no sleep at all. So what I look forward to most when coming to Martin House is the certain knowledge of a good night’s sleep, with the Care Team looking after my little girl at least as well as I would be able to do at home”

Another said  “Tell them it is like being blindfolded and then being made to walk the gangplank, never knowing when the end might be. There are plenty of wobbles along the way”

At all times in Martin House, alongside each poorly child is at least one care team member, across 3 shifts over 24 hours, that’s 3 carers to each child, plus our specialist Community team which supports families in their own homes, plus our specialist  Bereavment Team which works with families for up to 3 years after the death of their child, and sometimes longer. End of Life care is supported by our Consultant in Paediatric Palliative Medicine. Our Clinical Psychologist supports our bereavement work, and pursues invaluable research into many areas of hospice work. So our work is understandably very human resource hungry, and very costly