Bill Barton

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Bill has specialised in construction and non-contentious construction for nearly 30 years and has particular expertise in drafting and negotiating specialist bespoke contracts in relation to wind farms and renewable energy such as solar and biomass, as well as standard construction projects.

Bill’s experience is wide-ranging, from industrial developments in Hull to colleges in Stoke and Lancashire, solar projects in the UK and Europe, from Scottish and Welsh wind farms to oil tank farms in Ghana, from construction contracts in Greece to a pharmaceutical plant in Liverpool, from bottling production and supply contracts to PFI contracts, from waste management contracts to contracts for housing associations, as well as advising foreign clients on international contracts under English jurisdiction.

An increasing element of Bill’s work is working for other law firms, whether effectively as an additional in-house construction team or directly for one of their clients. An increasing number of these law firms are internationally recognised practices.

Bill is a Fellow of the Institute of Arbitrators, and has substantial experience in conducting adjudications, mediations and arbitrations, as well as litigation within the TCC.