Secerna gives a taste of life as a patent attorney

Secerna gives a taste of life as a patent attorney

Secerna has opened the doors of its York head office to a group of undergraduates for a taster day, as the intellectual property law firm seeks out the next generation of talented patent attorneys.

The day was designed to share insights into working in IP and life in a law firm dedicated to the practice area. It included practical tasks designed to show undergraduates the skills required for client projects, alongside opportunities to speak to and shadow members of the Secerna team to find out about life as a patent attorney and the route to qualification.

Lydia Entwistle, a molecular biology undergraduate from the University of York, said: “I’m aspiring towards a career in IP, and it’s been fantastic to learn more about the technical side of the role today. I didn’t expect to be thrown into real life tasks but working through them in teams with someone who knows what they’re doing was a great learning opportunity, and talking to Secerna trainees has given me so much more insight than I’d be able to get otherwise.”

Secerna chairman Jason Boakes said the firm is keen to continue to attract and provide development paths for talented young science and technology graduates looking for an alternative to a career in industry: “We wanted to show how rewarding and challenging a role as a patent attorney can be, and days like today enable us to share insights into how IP law works, what goes into obtaining a patent and answer questions.” 

“We were very impressed with the group that visited. They have demonstrated that they have the raw skills required to make excellent attorneys and I hope that we have inspired them to pursue a career as a patent attorney.”

According to Warwick University physics undergraduate, Liam Jones, the taster day did exactly that: “I was leaning towards a career in IP anyway, and I’ve enjoyed today so much. It has definitely cemented that ambition.”

Pictured: The attendees of the taster day at the Secerna office in York 
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